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FAQ | Triple 222 Tattoo

How should I prepare myself for my tattoo?

We recommend that you have a decent meal on the day of your tattoo and bring snacks to your appointment to sustain your energy levels. Once your tattoo has been completed, we take you through our aftercare requirements to bring out the absolute best in your tattoo and promote quick healing.

What happens after I get the tattoo?

Provided our aftercare instructions are adhered to, we offer a free touch up session between 2-6 weeks after your initial appointment to ensure you are completely happy with your new ink.

How does Laser Tattoo Removal work?

The TRIBEAM laser sends powerful light beams directly to the tattoo. The tattoos pigments (inks) attract the light and are shattered into tiny particles. The particles are then small enough to be absorbed and removed by the body's own lymphatic system. Tattoo fading can continue to occur for several months after each treatment.

What is the Laser Tattoo Removal Process

Initial Consultation

  • The initial consultation is essential as we will discuss many factors that influence how your skill and tattoo ink may react to laser treatments. Your tattoo needs to be assessed for the volume of ink, depth and darkness to estimate the tattoo removal treatment cost.
  • Your health, skin type, and medications will also be discussed in depth. Test patches and detailed questionnaires are vital for us to understand your skin and provide you with the best, safest and most efficient treatment.


  • It is extremely important you avoid sun exposure to the treatment are for a minimum of 6 weeks prior to treatment. If your medical or medication history changes between your treatment appointments, we recommend contacting your therapist prior to your appointment to confirm whether you are still suitable for treatment as there are a number of medications and conditions that can react to laser treatment.


  • During laser treatment, extremely short but powerful pulses of laser energy are fired at the tattoo pigment. A specialised cooling machine will apply cold air to the treatment area to counteract the heat produced from the laser machine to make the treatment more comfortable.
  • Treatments are painful but tolerable with a pain level likened to a hot rubber band being snapped against the skin. We reduce discomfort where possible by offering our clients numbing options.
  • To allow the skin enough time to heal between treatments and the body's immune system to flush away ink, we recommend a minimum of six weeks laser sessions. Stacking the treatments too close together can cause damage and permanent side effects to the skin and doesn't allow the body enough time to remove the ink that was shattered at the most recent session.

What is the Aftercare process?

After treatment, your treated area will feel like it has a mild sunburn but should be treated like an open would to prevent infection. Many patients experience immediate whitening of the area (frosting which dissipates within 10 minutes of treatment) in addition milk bruising, swelling redness and occasional blistering can occur. you may apply a cool compress after treatment as required and take over the counter pain relief but avoid aspirin (as it can increase the risk of bruising and bleeding).

How many Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions are needed?

The price and sessions required for tattoo removal is dependent on the size, colour/s and placement of the tattoo (as well as your physical health). Grey-wash tattoos (Black and Great ink) generally take around 4 sessions to fade for a cover-up tattoo and around 8+ sessions to remove completely. Coloured tattoos generally take an extra 3-5 sessions.

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